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Bertil Greging

Bertil Greging (b.1957)

Bertil Greging is a Norwegian artist born and raised in Oslo. He has worked in a variaty of different expressions; from strict minimalistic drawings and paintings to expressive collage- and paper works. 

Oil stick, dry pastel, acrylic paint,acrylic spray, masking tape, pencil, brush and glue are just some of the materials Bertil Greging uses in his works. Some drawings are complete, others torn or cut up to create a new imagery in the existing artwork. However, Greging does not have any conscious theme in most of his works. Instead, he is is greatly influenced by Oslo, the city he lives and works in. There may be lines in a facade, a piece of paper attached to a lamppost or dirt and exhaust forming a design on the asphalt that create visual impression – impressions that can later be expressed intuitively and spontaneously in his artwork. The process often starts with a small piece of paper or a stroke, before he adds layer by layer. The pictures are expressive, but the outcome is never accidental. The collages are created through a process in which the various components are moved and secured temporarily with tape before, after careful evaluation, glued permanently to the background. The sketch is, in contrast to earlier periods, now eliminated from the process. In this way Bertil ensures that there is as short distance as possible between idea / thought and finished work. Greging consider himself a self-taught artist, but had a brief learning period at Einar Granum Art and Westerdals Advertising School in the early 70th century. Bertil Greging has a number of solo and group exhibitions behind him. He has done several commissions and is purchased by public and private institutions.